Report: Man arrested after lying about gun in his possession

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators have arrested a 24-year-old man who police say lied about having a gun in his possession at a North Charleston neighborhood.

The North Charleston Police charged Loris Lamar Elmore with unlawful carrying of a concealed weapon.

On Tuesday morning, a police officer was patrolling the Waylyn subdivision in the area of Alabama Drive when he noticed two suspicious men, one of whom was Elmore, walking in the streets.

The officer said he stopped both men after he noticed the two beginning to go off in different directions. According to police, the men appeared to be nervous and reached inside of their jacket pockets several times.

A police report states when the officer asked both men if they had anything illegal or weapons, both men said no.

Investigators say when the officer searched Elmore, he found a handgun with five bullets inside the clip. The officer then did a records check on the two men which came back clear.

When the officer asked Elmore why he did not tell him that he was in possession of a concealed weapon, Elmore said he did not have enough time to tell the officer. Elmore said the gun was registered to him and he did not have a criminal history.

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