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Scam Alert: Police warn of phishing scam targeting Walmart customers


The Marshall Police Department is warning the public about a phishing scam targeting Walmart.com customers.

According to police, online customers will receive an email thanking them for an order that they did not place. The email will show an order to be delivered to an address that doesn't belong to the customer.

Walmart representatives confirmed that the scam is real. However, representatives are unsure how access to the information was gained. Some customers' accounts have been charged based on information stored in their profiles.

Walmart released the following statement on Thursday:

“There was a false email sent to a number of people this morning claiming to be from Walmart.com. This email looks like a confirmation of a purchase made on Walmart.com, but is actually a phishing email attempting to gather information from the recipient. Again, this email is not from Walmart.com and it is important that recipients DO NOT click on any links in the email or respond in any way. We are investigating the source of the email and working with appropriate authorities.”

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