Shooting sparks calls for police substation in Summerville neighborhood

Shooting sparks calls for police substation in Summerville neighborhood

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Some residents of a crime plagued neighborhood in Summerville are calling for a permanent police presence following a home invasion and shooting there.

A proposed police substation for the Robynwyn subdivision will be discussed next month by Summerville Town Council's public safety committee.

Janie Hudson lives in Palmetto Park which is located right behind Robynwyn. Hudson has seen her share of crime.

"It's very bad. It's a shame because there's been two drive by shootings," Hudson said.

The May 1, 2013 home invasion and shooting on Myrtle place sparked a call for a police substation in Robynwyn.

Town councilman Walter Bailey said a permanent police presence might deter crime, but there are problems.

"The problem is, we're understaffed in the police department. If the building is not being occupied by somebody, it's not doing a bit of good," said Bailey."I think we need the officers out on the street to patrol instead of sitting in a building and they can't do both."

Bailey points out, the police station is just a few blocks from the Robynwyn subdivision.

"But we're close anyway. We're five blocks away. We can get there in a minute, two minutes."

Hudson hopes something happens soon.

"I just hope that we can all come to some kind of solution that makes everybody feel easy and you don't have to worry about your kids being on the street."

Town Councilman Aaron Brown is in favor of the substation. "We need boots on the ground, a permanent presence," Brown said.

The public safety committee will take up the issue June 5.

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