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Single mom sets example for son by earning GED


Rebecca Benson will finally get to walk the stage Thursday night, graduating with her GED.

The 34-year-old single mom was able to do that through the Literacy Council of Tyler, which helped her study for that test for free.

"I just felt I needed to get a better education for myself and my son," Benson said. "I want to be able to look for a better job as well so we can have a better life."

The program served 2,300 East Texans in 2012, with services including GED and college preparation, English as a second language courses and basic literacy instruction.

For Benson, going back was about setting a good example for her son.

"It's important to show my son that if I can do it, he can do it, too," she said. "As an adult, it's harder for us to go back to school and I just want to show him that it can be done."

GED Supervisor Rick Swain said a GED is more important now than ever.

"The world is demanding a better-educated workforce," Swain said. "We're seeing it in GEDs, but now we're starting to see screening out by associates degrees so a lot of them want that college degree as well."

Benson isn't stopping with her GED. She has already enrolled to start classes at Tyler Junior College in the fall.

"She just exemplifies that dedication that so many of our students have," Swain said.

"Why not, if I've come this far," Benson said. "I can go further. I want to reach for the top."

The graduation ceremony includes 90 adults ranging from 17 to 66 years old.

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