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SC film industry: Rebate law will bring hundreds-of-millions of dollars to state


A more glamorous nickname may be in production for the Palmetto state.

"We are going to be the new Hollywood of the south."

The state's film industry is celebrating in a big way after Governor Nikki Haley signed the film rebate bill into law last week. An advocate for the film industry says the law will pump hundreds-of-millions of dollars into many businesses, small and corporate, like hardware stores, caterers, restaurants, and hotels.

"It's like having a tourist come into your area, spend three months here, drop $60 million and leave absolutely no environmental footprint whatsoever while creating jobs and leaving a lot of money for your small businesses," says John DeWorken, a lobbyist for the Carolina Film Alliance.

The law offers a higher percentage of tax breaks to production studios that use South Carolina vendors and employ crew from the state, all without costing the taxpayer an additional cent.

"We're giving our tax dollars more bang for their buck, our taxpayers more bang for their buck," says Sunnie Harmon, also a lobbyist for the Carolina Film Alliance.

The Carolina Film Alliance, which is a voice for the state's film industry, says they pushed the bill for about three years. They say this law will allow the state to compete with Georgia and North Carolina, two states where films are a multi-billion dollar industry.

"What I am sure of is that it will employ a lot of people and keep those tax dollars from South Carolina citizens in South Carolina as opposed to being in North Carolina or Georgia or any place else," says Richard Futch, the president of the Carolina Film Alliance.

The legislation was sponsored by Senator Paul Campbell and Representative Phyllis Henderson.

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