Police: Mom chases down suspected child abductor

Suspect in attempted kidnapping turns himself in after seeing his face on TV. (Source: KOAT/CNN)
Suspect in attempted kidnapping turns himself in after seeing his face on TV. (Source: KOAT/CNN)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KOAT/CNN) – A mother managed to chase down a suspected kidnapper, crashed into his car, but the man got away. Police now say the man saw his face on TV and turned himself in.

David Hernandez, 31, called police after he saw himself all over television.

"He said he wanted to straighten whatever the situation was out," Sgt. Nicholas Onken with the Rio Rancho Police Department said.

RRPD said the suspect had investigators pick him up at his construction job.

According to a warrant filed by Albuquerque police Thursday morning, Hernandez is the man they think grabbed a 4-year-old girl as she was walking her bike into the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Witnesses claim the 31-year-old pulled the girl inside his car from the driver's side of the vehicle and pushed her down onto the passenger side floorboard.

Police said a group of teens in the complex alerted the girl's mom.

She jumped into her car and chased after him.

When the man figured out he was being followed, he pushed the girl out of the car.

Strangers found her wandering around a neighborhood a few blocks from her home.

Her mom, though, did not realize she was safe, so she kept chasing the suspect, finally crashing into his Buick, but he got away.

According to the court documents, the mother and witnesses identified Hernandez as the kidnapper.

"He did insinuate during his conversation, his very short conversation with our 911 dispatchers that he didn't know what this was about but that he'd seen his image on television," Onken said.

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