Woman has close encounter with thief after car break-in

Woman has close encounter with thief after car break-in

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Thieves broke into at least six cars early in a North Charleston neighborhood Monday morning, taking a wallet, shoes and other items..

Police said the thieves struck between 4 and 5 AM on Red Oak Drive.

Gina Williams was in her house asleep when she and her partner heard noises outside.

Williams looked out the window.

"I was like somebody's in the car. She was get out of here. I was like somebody was in the car and I'm looking dead at him just pulling stuff out of the car," Williams recalled. "We came downstairs and by the time we came downstairs they was gone."

Williams wasn't the only victim.

Brittainy Surratt was staying with her sister in law across the street, when an officer knocked on her door.

"I did lock my car, but they just busted the window out right here so I gotta get a new window," Surratt said. "It just stinks that I locked my car, but I still got broken into."

Cops said Surratt apparently was the only victim who had locked their car.

She said the thief got her wallet.

Inside were her debit card and license.

"Luckily there wasn't any cash in there," she said.

Williams said police regularly patrol Red Oak Drive, but she believes the bad guys have doing their homework.

"I'm pretty sure they got the cops timed as far as to when they come and do their drive through and when they're not gonna come back through," she explained. "Somebody got their amp stolen, somebody got their money stolen and it was basically like this is a gold mine right here for the simple fact it's so quiet."

Police urge car owners to always lock their cars. They say otherwise, you are giving a thief an open invitation.

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