Man accused of vandalism 'doesn't recall' kicking downtown cars

Man accused of vandalism 'doesn't recall' kicking downtown cars
One of the side view mirrors kicked by White.
One of the side view mirrors kicked by White.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A man accused of kicking side view mirrors off parked cars on East Bay Street late Tuesday night says he doesn't remember committing the crime.

According to an incident report from the Charleston Police Department, officers arrested a soaked, injured 36-year-old Brian White just before 11 p.m. at 50 East Bay Street.

"My boat sank last night," said White at bond court. "I came from swimming in the harbor in a boat that sank and really was distraught and really don't even recall hitting the mirrors on these cars."

Police said they were called to the Carolina Yacht Club after a man living next door said he saw White standing in his driveway. The man said he told White to get off his property, and then later saw him kicking vehicles on East Bay Street. Officers found three vehicles with damaged or destroyed side view mirrors.

The man living across the street from the Carolina Club also told police he saw White walking towards the dock. When police arrived at the dock to investigate, they said they found White wet and suffering from a dislocated right shoulder.

White told police he and two other people had gotten on the boat after leaving a bar downtown. White said the boat started sinking so they jumped off and swam to shore. He later changed his story, and admitted he was the only person on the boat.

The suspect was taken to the hospital after he said he was having difficulty breathing. He was released Wednesday morning and charged with three counts of property crime enhancement.

A police report says the damage caused to the cars would cost roughly $1,500 dollars.

In court, White, who said he did recall the incident, thought the repairs would be much less.

"The actual damage to the vehicles was less than $600," White told Judge Linda Lombard. "I'm willing to pay for that and I will."

The judge responded by telling the man "I think you're digging a hole."

White appeared at a bond hearing Wednesday with his right arm in a sling. His bond was set at a total of $45,000 for the three charges.

Lombard called White 'a danger to the community' after looking over his criminal record that she says spans back to 1995. White is currently on probation for a resisting arrest charge last year.

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