Ford's attorney seeks dismissal of ethics charges

Ford's attorney seeks dismissal of ethics charges


Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Sen. Robert Ford's attorney argues ethics allegations against the Charleston Democrat should be thrown out because he didn't realize he was under investigation.

Attorney William Runyon also told the Senate Ethics Committee attorney-client privilege should apply to Ford's conversations with the committee's attorney, and that Ford should get a chance to fix his campaign filings first.

The committee found probable cause last month to support allegations that Ford committed multiple violations of state ethics laws over the last four years. Runyon contends he still doesn't know precisely what Ford is accused of doing.

He said Wednesday he's guessing after receiving a box containing 5,000 pages of subpoenaed documents.

That includes a utility bill for Ford's home. Runyon says it also functions as Ford's campaign and political offices.

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