Moped traffic violations lead to drug dealing charges for passenger

Mark Lee Frasier
Mark Lee Frasier

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 21-year-old man is facing drug dealing charges after officers stopped a moped for traffic violations in downtown.

The Charleston Police Department charged Mark Lee Frasier with possession with intent to distribute cocaine base, possession of marijuana and resisting arrest.

It all started Wednesday afternoon when police on patrol in the area of South and East Bay streets saw two men on a moped.

Officers said the moped did not have an operating front light, appeared to have been designed for a single person and the rear passenger's feet were dangling and not secured to any pegs or floorboards.

After police stopped the moped, officers say the driver, 25-year-old Andrew Renard Williams, appeared to be extremely nervous. When authorities asked Williams if they could search him, Williams said, "Do what you got to do man."

During this time, officers say the passenger, Frasier, had trembling hands and was looking around in all directions and failing to maintain eye contact. When police asked Frasier if he had any identification, he said no.

According to authorities, when an officer searched Frasier, he felt a bag inside Frasier's shorts. A police report states after the officer asked Frasier what was inside the bag, Frasier began shaking uncontrollably and started to push away from the officer.

Investigators say as Frasier was resisting the officer, he took out a plastic bag, threw it into the street and yelled,"Grab it Drew and run, grab it."

Officers say they were then able to detain Frasier after two detectives arrived on scene.

Police say the bag that Frasier threw contained four small plastic bags containing marijuana and cocaine base. Williams was issued a warning ticket for the moped violations.

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