Folly Beach Mayor: High time for renourishment

Folly Beach Mayor: High time for renourishment

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - As the waves roll in, parts of Folly Beach continue to wash away, and the city's Mayor says it's high time the federal government stepped in.

As Mayor Tim Goodwin stands near the 12th block of East Arctic Avenue, one of the most eroded spots on the island, he says he worries about business. Folly Beach is due for another renourishment. The last one was in 2005.

"It keeps the storm from washing away all these investments along here, and 80 percent of our houses are basically small businesses, rentals."

The Army Corps of Engineers is in the final phase of its study, but Mr. Goodwin says the federal government has yet to put up $22 million.

"Until you can get a check in your hand and you can cash it, we're still working."

People who were out enjoying the beach Thursday said they had no idea how bad the erosion was.

"We had to use the public entrance because it is such a drop from where we're staying at."

"Every bit of our conversation has been interrupted because we've kept having to move everything back."

Folly Beach native and realtor LaJuan Kennedy says it's always a waiting game.

"We have a contract signed by the federal government, of course with a little tiny clause that says depending on funding."

Mr. Goodwin says the total cost to renourish is $25 million, up seven-million from the initial projection.

As we mentioned, the federal government would fund 85 percent of the cost, but there is no indication of when those funds will come through.

Mr. Goodwin says he's in contact with Senator Lindsey Graham's office on a weekly basis.