Report: Several Lowcountry bridges "structurally deficient"

Lowcountry bridges "structurally deficient"

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A transportation reform organization says the news is not good when it comes to South Carolina's bridges.

Transportation for America says out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, our state ranks 15th worst in terms of overall condition of our bridges.

According to the organization, there are at least a dozen structurally deficient bridges in the Tri County area. Those bridges are highlighted on their website.

Some have lots of traffic going over them, and others with hardly any traffic.

Transportation for America says Charleston County has the top structurally deficient bridge in the state with the highest daily traffic volume. It's The I-26 overpass over Dorchester Road.

On average, more than 86,000 cars drive over it every day.

Another one on the list is the Folly Beach bridge. Work is being done to put up a new bridge that is expected to be completed in June, 2015.

So what exactly is a structurally deficient bridge?

Transportation for America says it's one that requires significant maintenance or even replacement.

State Department of Transportation Spokesman James Law says in some cases, if there is a problem, D.O.T. can impose weight limits on vehicles crossing the bridge.

But Law pointed out the term structurally deficient does not mean there is imminent danger that a bridge will collapse.

The South Carolina Senate this week approved a budget amendment that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars for road and bridge repair.

If it becomes law, D.O.T. will provide a list of repair projects to the State Infrastructure Bank,

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