Lowcountry town celebrates big for Memorial Day

Lowcountry town goes big for Memorial Day

HARLEYVILLE, SC (WCSC) - On almost every post, porch and storefront in the town of Harleyville, are the colors red, white and blue.

"It's just honoring those individuals that have given us the freedom that we really have," Harleyville Mayor Charles Ackerman says.

The mayor joins residents and members of the Red Hat Honeys of Harleyville, to plant patriotic flags and wreaths across town each Memorial Day.

"We asked them to decorate their front doors, their banisters and mailboxes with red, white and blue," Nell Westbury of the Red Hat Honeys of Harleyville says.  If a resident or business is unable to decorate their property, she says the group volunteers to create and hang wreaths for them – like at Westbury's Ace Hardware.

"We were tickled to death for them to do it," owner Ernest Westbury says.  "They put two of them out there and we try to be patriotic and help the town out in any way that we can."

Mayor Ackerman says the splashes of red, white and blue make for a scenic drive through the 3-mile stretch of the downtown area.

"We have a lot of people that pass through our town and come back and tell us how nice the town looks, particularly with the flags out flying," he says.  "We really appreciate that we just like to show our pride."

Nell Westbury says the 670-person town has about 50 veterans.

"What we're trying to do is remind [residents], if it wasn't for these people, we might not be living in the land of the free anymore."

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