Charleston City Council approves revised bar ordinance


CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston City Council has approved new security regulations that bars must follow during late night business hours, but not before making a few revisions.

The "Late Night Entertainment Establishment Ordinance" passed a second reading Tuesday night. The ordinance will require bars to have someone at the door at all times after midnight and have one security guard for every 100 people.

According to the ordinance, businesses will also have to close their doors and windows if music is played after 11 p.m.

A few changes were made before the ordinance was passed.

The new regulations will be primarily enforced Thursday through Saturday, and fewer security guards will be required for bars with smaller occupancy limits.

Additionally, bars will no longer be forced to patrol parking lots used by patrons as the previous version suggested. They are now being asked to make sure the lots do not become hang out spots.