S.C. Representatives to fight for Folly Beach re-nourishment funds

COLUMBIA, SC (WCSC) - Three South Carolina representatives say they will continue to fight for money to re-nourish Folly Beach after the S.C. Senate axed the funds from the budget Wednesday morning.

Representative Leon Stavrinakis tweeted Wednesday that although the senate voted to remove the funds set aside for the Folly Beach re-nourishment project, that he would attempt to get the money added back into the budget.

Stavrinakis later said that he plans to join forces with Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell and S.C. Representative Peter McCoy to reinsert the money.

Approximately $1 million dollars was set aside for the beach re-nourishment, according to Stavrinakis.

If the representatives are successful, the senate will have to vote on the funding once again. The state budget is due by the end of June.

Stavrinakis says the re-vote could happen in the next week or two.

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