Driver unharmed after guardrail goes through car in accident

Pictures from Thanlia and Charles J. from Irmo
Pictures from Thanlia and Charles J. from Irmo


A man survived a horrible crash after a guardrail went through his car Thursday morning. 

According to Irmo Police, the driver was traveling on Dutch Fork road in a Nissan Altima when his tire blew out in front of the Irmo Wal-Mart. The car then ran off the right side of the road and hit a guardrail.

Irmo Police Chief Brian Buck says approximately 14 feet of guardrail went through the car, narrowly missing the driver. 

Buck says the guardrail entered the front bumper on the driver's side of the car and exited through the right backseat passenger side.

Buck says the driver of the car was not seriously injured.

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