Husband: ‘He took my wife’s life, I’m glad he’s off the street’

Husband: ‘He took my wife’s life, I’m glad he’s off the street’
Murder victim Crystal Johnson
Murder victim Crystal Johnson
Suspect Jeffrey Eady
Suspect Jeffrey Eady

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Triple murder suspect Jeffery Eady was caught Saturday night in Mexico Beach, Florida after a car chase with police. He was then flown to Clarendon County Sunday afternoon for questioning on a missing woman case.

Eady is now behind bars in the Clarendon County Detention Center.

The husband of one of Eady's alleged victims, Crystal Johnson of Adams Run, spoke out about the arrest.

Randy Johnson said, "He took a life; he took my wife's life. He took the life away from the kids."

Johnson, still grieving, is now facing the reality of continuing his life without his wife, raising three children and working two jobs.

"I'm just going to have to be here for the kids and take care of the kids, continue working and providing for them. I got to be strong for them," said Johnson.

Johnson says family members have spent a lot of time with the children since the tragic events that took place last Thursday.

"It's kind of hard to explain to kids in a situation like this. They're still taking it kind of hard, but we are dealing with it," said Johnson.

Sunday afternoon church members gathered for dinner remembering the things Crystal Johnson enjoyed doing.

Johnson said, "She loved to sing, she would go to sing even if she were sick."

Johnson is relieved that law enforcement caught Jeffery Eady, his wife's alleged murderer, so quickly, but questions still remain.

"I would ask him why, why did he do these things. You got what you wanted; you didn't have to take a life. Just take what you came for and leave. These people could've still been alive," said Johnson.

Crystal Johnson's funeral will be held Saturday at noon at the Old Ashley Baptist Church on Johns Island.

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