911 hostage call: 'I attempted to rob him...things didn't go as planned'

911 hostage call: 'I attempted to rob him...things didn't go as planned'

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A man police say shot a Goose Creek convenience store owner and held him hostage, called 911 and said he messed up and wants to give up.

But it didn't turn out to be that easy.

It was inside the Tobacco and Beer Food Mart where police say 31-year-old Christopher Gordon Flowers shot the store owner then took him hostage.

But cops had no idea the suspect himself would call them from inside the store.

"I have a man here, I attempted to rob him. Things didn't go as planned," Flowers tells a 911 dispatcher in a call."Police has this place surrounded and I just want them to give me a little bit of time and I'll come out."

"I'm making calls, talking to my kids and everything," Flowers continues."Cause I know I ain't gonna see them for awhile."

A police negotiator then can be heard on the phone and Flowers talks to him.

"Looked like I made a (expletive) move, and came in to get money," Flowers says. "(expletive) ain't worked out the way i planned."

Flowers tells the officer that the store owner is wounded in the arm.
Authorities say Flowers puts the victim on the phone with the officer to confirm his condition.

The negotiator's attention then turns back to the suspect.

"Go ahead and start walking towards the front door," the negotiator can be heard saying."You don't have any guns in your hands or anything right?"

"No," Flowers says.

The officer the can be heard telling Flowers he wants things to end peacefully.

"I want it to end peacefully too," Flowers says. "That's what we all want so let's get this done, ok?"

Flowers then surrenders and emergency crews attend to the victim.

The ordeal ends thanks to a cop who kept his cool.

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