SC Commissioner of Agriculture: Every season is a gamble

SC Commissioner of Agriculture: Every season is a gamble

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Owners of Legare Farms on Johns Island say this week's heavy dose of rain was just what their crops needed.

"We've gotten about five or six inches in the last two days, but we were so dry beforehand that it's all already soaked in other than some puddles in the road, the vegetable fields, it's completely soaked in," says Linda Berry, co-owner of Legare Farms.

However, Berry knows all too well that it only takes one torrential downpour or hail storm to wipe out a crop and months of preparation.

"Cantaloupes are just starting to get ripe. You start getting to much rain as they're ripening, they lose flavor. They take in too much water, same thing with tomatoes. They start splitting open when they start getting too much rain."

The state's commissioner of agriculture says it's too soon to tell the long-term impact this week's weather will have on crops and prices. He says he doesn't expect a significant spike at grocery stores.

"The summer weather patterns are usually scattered enough that the impact is scattered as well," explains Hugh Weathers, South Carolina's commissioner of agriculture

Weathers says every season is a gamble.

"Food production is not like building airplanes and cars. It is a partnership with nature, and we farmers take that partnership and take the pluses and the minuses."