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More Ariel Castro charges imminent?

Ariel Castro Ariel Castro

19 Action News is on alert for more charges against Ariel Castro, the man sitting in jail for holding three missing woman as hostages for years.

We're watching for charges from a Cuyahoga County Grand Jury. Multiple sources say secret Grand Jury proceedings in the Castro case began last week.

Friday morning, investigators connected to the case were seen going into the Grand Jury, though there's no way to know for sure they were dealing with the Castro matter.

However, also Friday morning, a man identifying himself as Charles Ramsey approached Reporter Ed Gallek in the hallway outside of the Grand Jury room. He said "I'm Charles Ramsey. I bet you want to talk to me, but I got lawyers. I can't do it." Then he walked away.

Ramsey made international headlines for helping Amanda Berry break free from Ariel Castro's home and get help.

Castro went to city court on initial charges of rape and kidnapping on May 9, and had his case bound over to a Grand Jury. Generally, county prosecutors have 30 days to bring more charges once that happens. The 30-day mark would come this weekend.

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