SC high court dismisses some claims in cruise suit

SC high court dismisses some claims in cruise suit


Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - The state Supreme Court has dismissed several claims in a lawsuit brought against Carnival cruise lines concerning Charleston's year-round cruise industry.

But the justices want to hear more from attorneys before ruling on whether the cruises are a public nuisance.

Preservation groups, environmentalists and neighborhood residents sued, saying the cruises are a nuisance causing congestion and pollution.

The court has dismissed their claims that the cruises violate city noise and sign ordinances and that they violate the state pollution control act.

But the court says it wants to hear more from attorneys on whether city zoning ordinances apply to ocean-going vessels and whether the groups have a legal reason to bring a nuisance claim. Attorneys have until July 5 to respond to the court.

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