Preparing seniors for hurricane season

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Those who have been through a hurricane like Hugo in 1989 are aware of the much-needed planning that should be done well before a storm comes.

It is something Harry Fendrich, the co-owner of Home Instead Senior Care knows all to well.

Fendrich says during this time of year it's important to prepare your senior loved ones for severe weather emergencies and the possibility of evacuation.

"Having been through hurricanes, I have come to the conclusion it's good to plan ahead," Fendrich said.

Fendrich says preparation should include a checklist in order to help your older adult get ready for potential weather situations.

Never assume that seniors already have a plan of action, Fendrich says.

"Get a get-up-and-go kit together; some clothes, medicine, and papers that you need," said Fendrich.

When trying to decide to evacuate, Fendrich says older adults should go sooner rather than later.

Seniors should also develop at least two escape routes, one to escape their home and one to evacuate their community.

"There's 700,000 people in this area and about 750 bridges. It's hard to leave town. It could take you two days of driving," Fendrich said.

You don't have to spend a lot of time on your plan, according to Fendrich. He says just make sure to make some basic notes and details to follow.

Fendrich says include in your plan key people like relatives, neighbors, and caregivers who could help out.

"Spend an hour putting our plan together so we don't have to do it when we are nervous and frightened and being told to move out," Fendrich said.

Fendrich also says have at least a one-month supply of medication on hand at all times, and make sure all of your important documents are in a waterproof protector.

For a great website for emergency checklists and information you can print off, click here.