Injured officer helped by hockey game

Lowcountry police officers took a break from fighting crime, and instead battled local firefighters.

The Enforcers Police Team played an ice hockey game against the Charleston Fire Team at the Carolina Ice Palace today.

Partial proceeds went to support Officer Allen Cooke, who was injured when his police cruiser crashed while responding to a call last February.

"I still have to wear the brace every once in a while and I still have trouble getting around," Officer Cooke said.  "The doctor says it's healing, but he hasn't given me a timeframe at all. He tells me just to keep doing therapy, which I do."

The officers and firefighters were joined by many supporters in the stands.

"In law enforcement and the fire service, it's just a brotherhood and a sisterhood," North Charleston Police Officer Jill Farman says. "We think it's important to take care of each other because we all want to go home at night."

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