Police investigating after skull fracture found on baby boy

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - The Goose Creek Police Department is investigating after doctors found a skull fracture on a 6-year-old boy.

On Saturday afternoon, police responded to MUSC Children's Hospital in reference to a report of an alleged child abuse.

The doctor told the officer that he was providing medical care for a child who was suffering from a skull fracture on the left side of his head.  The doctor said he was informed that the child sustained the injury while at a babysitter's home.

The doctor told investigators that the injury to the child was "severe" and would have been the result of a child falling from a high position onto a hard surface, or being hit in the head with a blunt object.

According to the mother, her husband took the child to the babysitter on Thursday at 8 a.m., and when the mother went to pick her son up at 3 p.m. she noticed that the child was "being unusually fussy."

The mother said as she was bathing her son, she noticed the left side of her son's head was swollen and soft to the touch.

The mother told officers when she called the babysitter about the injury, the babysitter said she had left the boy sitting on a carpeted floor in the living room, and went to attend to another child she was babysitting.

The babysitter said she then heard the baby boy crying and assumed he had fallen over and hit his head on the floor.

The mother told police she and her husband drove their son to Trident Hospital where an x-ray confirmed that their son had suffered a fractured skull. According to the mother, they were immediately sent to MUSC Children's Hospital for further treatment.

The mother said after learning about details of the injury, she called the babysitter again. The mother reported that the babysitter told her that there were toys on the floor near the boy and he possibly hit his head on one of them.

A police report states the babysitter said she did not see the boy fall, and only heard him cry. The mother told police that the babysitter had been babysitting her child for three months.

According to investigators, the child was released from the hospital this past weekend and is in the custody of his parents.

No arrests have been made and authorities are continuing the investigation.

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