Portable pool brings swim lessons to rural kids

Portable pool brings swim lessons to rural kids

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - Dozens of kids spent their afternoon splashing in a pool assembled on a cement courtyard beside Schroder Middle School in Hollywood.

The 7,200-gallon portable pool is part of a joint venture between the Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission and the Charleston County School District to bring swimming lessons to children who otherwise might not have the opportunity to learn water safety skills.

"We're surrounded by water," Commission Publicity Coordinator Sarah Reynolds says.  "It is so important to know the very basics of swimming techniques."

Charleston County lifeguards teach children aged 5 to 14 years old the basics of swimming.  Several of the children attending a summer camp at Schroder Middle School say they've never swam in a pool before.

"A lot of them come in and say, 'I'm scared - I don't want to get in the water'," lifeguard Liz Edwards says.  "Just knowing that they can get in the water and be fine standing up is just a big step for them."

The pool will now travel to Angel Oak Elementary School.

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