Man who killed music director gets 40 more years for another murder

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A North Charleston man serving time for fatally stabbing a music director 92 times was given an additional 40 years in prison for killing a woman.

Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said Tommy Montgomery pleaded guilty this week to the June 2006 murder of Pamela Fyall. Fyall was found in a downtown park on June 23, 2006.

Investigators say she had been strangled, beaten and cut with a bottle which was found at the scene. Authorities say they had many potential leads, but the case went cold.

Then on Dec. 8, 2009, Montgomery was accused of killing his roommate, Brandon Jamison, stabbing him nearly 100 times. Montgomery pleaded guilty on June 6, 2011 and was given a 30 year sentence.

According to Wilson, Montgomery was forced to submit a DNA sample when he entered the prison, as all inmates are required. At that time, his DNA was linked to the 2006 murder of Fyall.

Investigators determined that his DNA was found in the mouth and under the fingernails of the victim. Authorities say investigators were also able to lift Montgomery's fingerprints from the weapon found at the murder scene.

Assistant Solicitor Burns Wetmore prosecuted both cases and stated, "The collection of DNA from inmates when they enter the State prison system helps police investigators solve cases like this one, and helps prosecutors achieve some measure of closure for victims' families."

In the 2009 case, authorities say Montgomery became enraged and attacked Jamison, stabbing him to death. An autopsy revealed that Jamison was stabbed 92 times which included several defensive wounds to the hands and 26 wounds to the back. According to investigators, after the stabbing, Montgomery stole Jamison's vehicle and fled the scene.

Montgomery turned himself in at the North Charleston Police Department the next morning and confessed to killing Jamison.According to doctors, Montgomery suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Jamison, was the music director at the church that Montgomery attended. In the summer of 2009, Montgomery needed a place to stay, and Jamison allowed Montgomery to live in his apartment.

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