Supreme court ruling is key for same sex marriage advocates

Lowcountry supporters react to same-sex marriage victory

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Wednesday morning, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, is key for same sex marriage advocates.

The Supreme Court's decision on DOMA grants rights for those in same sex marriage in states that have already legalized it.

Things like social security death benefits, immigration rights and family leave will now be available to same sex couples.

The Supreme Court decided not to hear Proposition 8 on Wednesday, and in doing so it allows same-sex marriage to continue for now.

Rob Lewis with the Charleston Pride Festival says he is happy with the court's rulings and what they mean for equal rights for same sex couples.

"We'll now have the benefits to all married same-sex couples that all other couples have been able to enjoy through the striking down of DOMA," Lewis said.

Although they celebrate their monumental achievement  today, a number of gay rights advocates say their fight will continue, and it's far over.

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