Boy severely burned when hit by lightning

An 8-year-old boy has been burned by a lightning strike in Wisconsin. (Source: WAOA/CNN)
An 8-year-old boy has been burned by a lightning strike in Wisconsin. (Source: WAOA/CNN)

RIB FALLS, WI (WAOW/CNN) - A young Iowa boy is recovering from second degree burns after he was struck by lightning in a freak accident.

The boy's father quickly performed CPR saving the boy's life.

There are holes in the ground where 8-year-old Blake Draeger was struck by lightning.

His great uncle, Jim Draeger, says it happened Wednesday evening at his farm in the town of rib falls.

"My nephew's son was out riding his mini-bike out on this farm here. His father was working in the backhoe and the storm came up, it was not even raining yet, and a sudden bolt of lightning struck," he said.

His family says the strike threw Blake off his bike, knocking him unconscious, even though the boy was wearing a helmet.

His father ran to help.

"He saw his son was actually laying under the bike, non-responsive, no pulse, not breathing," Draeger said.

He said Blake's father used CPR to revive his son.

Family members called 911, and they rushed for help in disbelief.

"You would think lightning would strike a silo, a tree, or even a cow, but why did it hit him," Draeger said.

Blake's burns were severe.

Family members said he had burns on his head, shoulders and feet.

Officials say he was taken to UW Hospital in Madison to recover and family members say the outlook seems to be good.

"Blood work is coming back ok," Draeger said. "Sounds like he's breathing on his own. They're taking the breathing tube out. His heart is doing great."

Family members say Blake is semi-conscious. He's listed in critical, but stable condition.

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