Mt. Pleasant reminding residents to monitor drains, ditches

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Stormwater Division is reminding residents to monitor their drain and ditches closely and to keep debris away as the rain continues to soak the Lowcountry.

"These rain events are impacting our stormwater system," said stormwater manager Hillary Repik. "We ask that you help us prevent flooding in your neighborhood by safely removing the debris from the drain and ditches near your home. If a drain does not clear within one hour after the rain stops, contact the Stormwater Division at (843) 856-2157."

More rain is expected over the next few days and hurricane season is just beginning. Town crews have been out and will continue to clear major blockages to keep the main systems draining as fast as they can. While not all flooding is preventable, successive days of heavy rains, high tides, or even hurricanes can put more water into a system than it is designed to handle, blockages of leaves and debris can cause localized street and yard flooding.

"You can help prevent flooding in your neighborhood by keeping drainage systems clear of debris before storms arrive or right after the rain stops," she added. "Flood damage clean-up is very expensive, and pollution clean-up is even more expensive. Remember that the home you flood – or save – may be your own! Storm drains, ditches and ponds do not drain to treatment plans, but to our lakes, marshes and waterways. These systems protect our home from flooding and our waterways from pollution, only rain should go down the storm drain!"

On sunny days, Repik encouraged residents to participate in the Storm Drain Marker Program or assist in a litter clean-up or a roadway or creek. Markers are free to organizations, or individuals, interested in installing them in watersheds draining to waterways. The kits contain two flexile color storm drain markers, easily applied to storm drains or adjacent sidewalks. The markers alert neighbors that a storm drain "Drains to Waterways."

The kit also contains educational brochures about stormwater and tips on pollution prevention intended for mass distribution in the neighborhood. The Town will also supply equipment for litter clean-up events.

For additional information on flood prevention and water quality, contact the Stormwater Division at (843) 856-2157 or visit them online at