A growing trend in same gender fertility

A growing trend in same gender fertility

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - For most of their 10 years together, Ryan Henderson and Jessica Wheeler have known they wanted to be parents.

The urge to be parents grew in November of last year.

"It just came strongly all of a sudden," said mom to be Ryan Henderson. After exploring several fertility treatments, the same gender couple is now making the reality of having a baby even brighter.

Ryan and Jessica are expecting a little girl in December.

"I did not believe it. I thought for sure it was not right," Ryan said.

The couple was indeed pregnant and on this day Ryan had an ultrasound done to see how their baby is coming along.

"I get more excited to see her grow," said other mom to be Jessica.

In recent years, Reproductive Endocrinologist Dr. Stephanie Singleton has seen a big increase in all of the states where she practices.

Dr. Singleton says she has seen numbers go up for both fertility treatment options available to same sex couples as well as the number of couples exploring fertility treatments.

"Overall in the world of infertility we are seeing an increase in same sex couples feeling comfortable and seeking care," Dr. Singleton said.

Dr. Singleton says it also has to do with our society changing the way we view a traditional family.

"A family is a family, and two loving parents are two loving parents. No matter what gender they are," Dr. Singleton said.

For Ryan and Jessica choosing Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, was the best way to go for them. IUI is a 20 minute procedure where donor sperm is placed directly into the uterus to be fertilized.

On Ryan's first try she got pregnant. Now her partner hopes to go through the same procedure after this pregnancy.

Dr.Singleton says there are more fertility treatment options for female couples to explore like IVF or In Vitro fertilization. Male couples also have options they can explore, too.

"There are also treatments for male couples in that we can find gestational carriers and egg donors to fertilize the egg with their sperm to create pregnancy," Dr. Singleton said.

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