Magistrate won't dismiss DUI charge against Vick

Magistrate won't dismiss DUI charge against Vick

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A magistrate has refused to drop a drunken driving charge against Chesterfield Rep. Ted Vick.

Vick's attorney, Columbia Rep. Todd Rutherford, had asked a magistrate to drop the charge because police did not record the reading of Vicks' Miranda Rights on videotape as required by state law.

Public Safety Department attorney Marcus Gore says that did not happen because Vick was wrestling with the officer out of view of the camera.

An agency spokesman says Richland County Magistrate Mel Maurer rejected Rutherford's request.

Vick was arrested May 14 after a Bureau of Protective Services officer saw him stumbling in the Statehouse parking garage before he got into his truck and ran into a traffic cone.

Vick was arrested on similar charges last year. That case is still pending.

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