Cops: Drug dealer holds up traffic during foot pursuit

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say a suspected drug dealer tied up downtown traffic Tuesday afternoon after he ran in the middle of a street attempting to get away from police officers.

The Charleston Police Department charged 43-year-old Bryan Bennett with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana within proximity of a school, resisting arrest and wrong way one a one way street.

On Tuesday afternoon, police officers say they saw Bennett riding his bicycle in the wrong direction on Nassau Street.

When the officers stopped Bennett and told him the dangers of riding his bicycle in the wrong direction, police say Bennett began to act nervously and constantly looked around.

Officers then asked for consent to search Bennett to which he agreed to. A police report states when one of the officers opened Bennett's book bag, Bennett ran off.

According to investigators, Bennett refused to stop and continued to run down Stuart Street holding up traffic as he ran in the middle of the road. Police officials say the incident caused numerous officers to report to the area, and also caused a large crowd to form on streets.

At one point, police say an officer spotted Bennett hiding on the ground in between a fence and some trees. The officer then drew his gun and told Bennett to slowly come out. Instead, authorities say Bennett got up and started running again.

According to police, Bennett attempted to hide again in some bushes, but was located by authorities.

Officers say Bennett continued to resist and get away as he was being escorted to a patrol car.

A police report states 55 grams of marijuana was found in Bennett's book bag.

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