Goose Creek and Summerville cancel fireworks celebrations due to weather

Goose Creek and Summerville cancel fireworks celebrations due to weather

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Fireworks have been cancelled for Goose Creek and Summerville Thursday.

The weather put a damper on plans, even though it's not expected to rain much on the 4th.

A Goose Creek resident said, "Our big thing on the 4th is the fireworks."

The rain water has nowhere to go. It's just a soggy mess that forced cancellations and now many families will have to find somewhere else to watch the night sky light up.

The resident said, "I'm kind of unset. We've gone for I don't know how, but we've gone every year."

The Goose Creek Recreation Department says the weather has caused their grounds to be unsafe for driving and parking conditions. Most of the grassy area is soaked.

"We'll probably try to go to Cane Bay to look at theirs but if Goose Creek does it next year, we'll go back to Goose Creek," said the resident.

Goose Creek officials say they may have an event later this year where the fireworks could be used.

Decorations are still hanging in Summerville where fields at Gahagan Plantation Park would've been filled with people playing games and enjoying the fireworks. Lou Ann Burke says she'll miss the celebration this year.

"Oh it's beautiful out there. It's a lot of people, everybody has picnics and the kids and running having fun then the fireworks start and everybody has a good time," said Burke.

Officials in Summerville say the area where they set up the fireworks is flooded and they don't think it will get any better. Burke feels they made that decision too soon.

"I think they should've waited and see what the weather's going to do tomorrow because I think it's going to be pretty tomorrow. I think it could dry up. I know it's wet, everybody's yards are wet but a lot of people don't go on the grass, a lot of people just stay in the parking lots too."

Summerville plans to reschedule the event and Burke says she'll be there.

"I mean they put it on free; it's for anybody who wants to go see it, so yeah I would go," said Burke.

The show will still go on in many areas. Folly beach has delayed the start time of their fireworks show to 10:30 Thursday night due to the incoming high tide.

North Charleston will hold their celebrations rain or shine at the Riverfront Park from 3pm to 9pm. There will be live music and food with fireworks starting at dark.

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