Triple homicide isn’t first act of violence at shopping center

Triple homicide isn’t first act of violence in North Charleston shopping center
Brentwood Plaza shopping center
Brentwood Plaza shopping center

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Some are still feeling uneasy after three people were killed at the Cycle Gear motorcycle shop Saturday.

Penny Helms an employee at Old Towne Cleaners said, "It's scary to know that it can happen anytime, any day, anywhere."

Just over a year ago violence struck another store in the Brentwood Plaza shopping center. Matthew Renken, the former owner of Port City Liquors was shot in the head and found dead in the store. His murder is still unsolved.

Helms works just a few doors down and says businesses are trying to move on after the recent shootout, but she says people aren't confident the dispute is over.

"It's just an eerie feeling riding past it to know three people died there. So everybody's back to normal and doing everything that they normally do. It's just a sense of is there going to be a retaliation or is something else going to happen," said Helms.

It is still unknown who is responsible for shooting two of the three men who died during the fight. Police say Ronald Reid confessed to investigators of shooting at Maurice Horry who died on the scene.

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