Proposed zoning change worries Mount Pleasant neighborhood

Proposed zoning change worries Mount Pleasant neighborhood

MOUNT PLESANT, SC (WCSC) - William McMullan enjoys living off the beaten path.

"A lot of people when you say Grassy Creek, they really don't know what you are talking about, Which is a nice thing," McMullan says.

The people in the Grassy Creek subdivision say they thought they bought homes in a secluded area hidden behind a busy Mount Pleasant business strip. On Tuesday, that could all change.

"Now we are just going to feel we are going to have a whole other neighborhood behind us that we can just look out our back window and there they are," says Allison Golden, a neighborhood resident.

Last month the Mount Pleasant Town Council voted 7 to 2 to rezone 46 acres of land along Long Point Road from commercial to residential, tearing down woods to make room for more than 100 new homes.

Councilman Craig Rhyne voted yes.

"It's not really the place of town council to limit reasonable development in Mount Pleasant as long as it fits the character of Mount Pleasant," said Rhyne.

Councilwoman Linda Page voted no.

"Anytime you add residential to a community, you increase problems. That's traffic. That is impact on schools services. police departments and libraries," said Page.

The town has given the intersection of Long Point Road and Belle Hall parkway a failing grade. Regardless of how they choose to vote Tuesday, council members on both sides of the issue said the problems there are going to have to be solved, it's just a matter of when.

"There have been many wrecks there at the entrance to Belle Hall Parkway. There is no left turn there now. There is future development that is coming," said Page.

Besides traffic, neighbors have another big concern.

"There will not be any kind of buffer between our neighborhood and whatever is developed back there," said Golden.

Councilman John Burn said he had a meeting with developers and they have agreed to build a 10" vegetative buffer.  He said he didn't have time to share this information with anyone else because the meeting had just finished.

It is unclear how this new information will change the vote. But, council members said they will consider all options before their final vote on Tuesday.

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