Many searching for scared pets after firework-filled night

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Animal Society has seen an abundance of lost pets in the past 24-hours, and Fourth of July fireworks may have played a role.

Scott Best is one of many dog owners spending the day after the Fourth of July at the Charleston Animal Society in search of his dog Cooper, an 8-month-old Chihuahua.

"Someone set off fireworks and he just busted down the gate like it was not even there," says Best.

Since losing Cooper, Best has been posting signs all over his neighborhood and asking if anyone has seen him.

Cooper is one of many dogs lost due to fireworks.

Doctor Sarah Boyd says the Fourth of July holiday is their busiest day due to taking in frightened pets. She says on an average night Animal Control may bring two dogs to the Charleston County Animal Shelter, but overnight they have already seen 10.

"Dogs seem to be more spooked and more likely to be outside, and can't find their way home like a cat," Boyd says.

Some dogs may travel just a few miles while others will travel even further in an effort to escape the noise.

If your dog does get away, Dr. Boyd says your best bet is to go to your local shelter and fill out a lost and found report. You can also check with your neighbors and post signs that include information on your dog and a picture.

Boyd says adding a reward won't hurt, either.

"Always add a reward," she says. "Even a small reward will give people incentive to bring your pet back to you."

As for Best, he hopes to be reunited with Cooper very soon.

"If you see a dog that looks scared, call somebody,"says Best. "Because someone is missing their baby and wants their dog back."

To file a lost and found report, or to see which animals have been turned in to the Charleston Animal Society, click here.

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