Little leaguers playing like the pros at brand new Wescott Park

Little leaguers playing like the pros at brand new Wescott Park

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Little leaguers trying to hit home runs just like the pros. The state of the art Wescott Park opened for the first time over the weekend.

The park has three little league ball fields with artificial turf.

"From a kid's point of view as well as from a coach's point of view, it's just a first class park," said Kenny Skipper, a coach for the North Charleston Dixie Angels softball team.

Designers call Wescott Park a "split park". On one side there's open space for community member and sports fields are on the other side. Each field is designed to look like smaller versions of well-known major league ball parks.

Skipper said, "Major league player for the day almost."

Teams competing in this weekend's Dixie Softball State Championship tournament took advantage of the new 9 million dollar park. They used everything from batting practice, to the Ripken Training Circle. It's a practice field made for coaches to easily teach new techniques to their young athletes. Coaches say the new facility is convenient.

"It's just the quality of the fields, the positioning of the dugouts, the practice facility that's back here. It's just all first class very, very nice park," said Skipper.

While the sports side is complete, there's still more work to be done on the rest of the park.

Ed Barfield, North Charleston director of recreation said, "We've got the back area of our park where we have an enclosed shelter. It's completed, but we'll have 2 dog parks back there. We'll also have beach volleyball court and we'll also have horseshoe pits."

Along with more than 20 grills on site and nature trails, Barfield says the park on upper Dorchester Road has a lot to offer for the community.

Barfield said, "If you're having a birthday party or an outing, family reunion or any of those things, we put it there for them to use."

Barfield says the finishing touches will be done by August 1st.

Park staff will have an open house for community members once construction is done.

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