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I-Team investigations prompt manhunts by U.S. Marshals


Two different Channel 4 I-Team investigations have resulted in state and federal manhunts by the United States Marshals fugitive task force.

The marshals, along with two Metro police officers assigned to the task force, are searching for Ashley King and Richardo Zach Jones.

King has been featured in a series of Channel 4 I-Team investigations where we found him squatting in a foreclosed property in north Nashville with teenage girls living at the house.

As a result of our video, Metro police arrested King and he was slapped with a single charge of harboring runaways.

A judge later threw out the charge because a detective had a scheduling conflict.

King's attorney said his client thought the girls were students.

But the Davidson County district attorney's office then took the case directly to a grand jury, who indicted King on new charges: aggravated statutory rape, solicitation of a child and harboring runaways.

"It kind of disgusts me, but that's why we were so adamant in getting the police and the city involved in removing him," said Keon Wimsatt, president of the neighborhood association.

But when Metro police repeatedly tried to serve a warrant, the U.S. Marshals fugitive task force stepped in.

"It's been clear to us, and to you, that King knows how to hide out," said Don Aaron, Metro police spokesman.

The U.S. Marshals are also looking for Richardo Zach Jones, who is accused in several Middle  Tennessee communities for stealing jewelry from homes he was supposed to clean.

After the Channel 4 I-Team hired him to clean an apartment we outfitted with hidden cameras and caught him scoping out the apartment for jewelry, he vanished.

Several of our hidden cameras were also missing from that apartment.

"Ultimately, both of these persons will find their way back to Nashville and to the Davidson County booking room," Aaron said.

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