Furloughs mean 20% pay cut for thousands

Jesse Snider will work only four days this week – but it's not by his own scheduling.

His position as a software developer at SPAWAR in North Charleston is included in the nationwide Department of Defense furloughs, which begin this week.

"I'll probably have to cut out going out to eat more," Snider says.  "I go out on the weekends, so maybe I'll kind of cut back and not spend as much, but nothing that won't affect my lifestyle too much."

SPAWAR spokesman Tommy Groves says 2,600 civilian positions are affected.   All will be forced to assume a four-day workweek for the next 11 weeks.  The move is expected to save the federal government $1.8 billion, but will slash employee paychecks by 20 percent.

Snider says his living situation allows him to better absorb the smaller salary.

"I don't have a family to support -- I'm single, I rent -- I don't own a house, so I don't have as much to pay as most families do," he says.  "I understand a lot of families live paycheck to paycheck."

Joint Base Charleston spokeswoman Rose Alexander says approximately 1,374 employees there are being furloughed.

The furloughs are the result of the automatic federal spending cuts, known as sequestration, which went into effect March 1st.  The Department of Defense furloughs will continue until September 20th.

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