Goose Creek: Businesses outside of city limits take advantage of smoking ban

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - "No smoking" signs are popping up all around Goose Creek. While it's only been a smoke-free city for about two weeks, some businesses are already using the ban to their advantage while others are smoking mad.

Bar owner Bruce Witham says he doesn't agree with a decision that was made for him.

"I think each individual establishment should be able to choose whether they want to smoke or not, however, they made a decision for me so that's what I got to go by."

Witham says he would agree with a county ban because he doesn't want to lose business to other bars that allow smoking and are just a few miles.

Like the Nowhere Bar and Grill about four miles away, which puts it out of city limits. Bartender, Tina Thacker, says they will use their smoking bar as a selling point.

"That's why we just put the sign out that says "smoker friendly." Some people think that this is Goose Creek."

Thacker says a ban for the entire county would be bad news, but she realizes it's a possibility. she says until then they will enjoy the wave of business.

"I honestly think it's probably going to bring a lot more business here. There are a lot of people who don't like going to bars that they can't smoke in."

Witham hopes he doesn't feel the pinch too much and picks up some new clientele along the way.

"I'm sure that I will lose some business, but hopefully I will gain some business to because there are non-smokers out there who want to be at a non-smoking bar."

The issue of a county wide ban was raised at the council meeting Monday night.  Councilman Steve Davis says they will look for the public's input on a county wide ban in October.