Pet GPS tracker device has owners at ease

Pet GPS tracker device has owners at ease

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Clara Bell is a happy playful 2 year old Newfoundland. Clara Bell's carefree spirit sometimes leaves her roaming around the neighborhood and her owners a bit frustrated.

"She snuck out of our backyard more times than we can count," said owner Sonia McCutcheon.

After looking at several options, McCutcheon ran across the Tagg Pet Tracker system.Tagg is a GPS device that lets you know exactly where your pet is at all times and what they are doing when you are not at home.

"At least we can actively know where to look for her when she decides to wander off," McCutcheon said.

Tagg is lightweight and  hooks right onto your pet's collar and can be tracked through a computer or smartphone. If your pet strays too far from home, the tracker will send you a text and e-mail.

"It will keep updating you every 3 minutes until she is back and that's wonderful," McCutcheon said.

Dr. Katherine Saenger says Tagg is a great idea especially during the summer when people spend more time away from home. Dr. Saenger says even natural events like thunderstorms and hurricanes can frighten pets and cause them to get away from home.

"Some dogs get so scared they will go though glass windows to get away from a thunderstorm," Dr. Saenger said.

In addition to the Tagg pet tracker, Dr. Saenger says its important that your pet also have a regular tag with your name and telephone number as well as address.

McCutcheon says as for the pet GPS device, she feels more at ease being able to track her dog and know where she is at all times.

"I really think the Tagg system is the way to go. It can get your baby back to you with little fuss," McCutcheon said.

The system can also be used on cats and can be purchased online. The Tagg device will run you about 100 dollars and there is a monthly service fee of 8 dollars.

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