Emergency apps competing for space among traditional supplies

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - No one wants to think about natural disasters striking close to home, but experts say you need to be prepared.

That includes having a kit packed with must-have supplies to help you weather any storm.

Experts say that every household should have an emergency preparedness kit. Now, disaster-themed apps and gadgets are competing for space among traditional supplies.

The American Red Cross says a kit with added high-tech help can provide everything from bright light to a lifeline.

"High tech items can help you stay in touch with family members, can allow you to tell everyone in your social network that you're safe," said Anne Marie Borrego from the American Red Cross.

"Tornado app, hurricane app, wildfire app, and earthquake app, all designed to help people manage their way through those disasters and also prepare for them," Borrego said.

Plug-free battery chargers can now keep your smart phone or tablet powered for days.
You can also buy a backup cell phone that's charged by a double A battery.

The Red Cross stresses to never substitute tech tools for disaster kit basics, like food, water, batteries and first aid.

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