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Ducks, geese tortured at Upstate pond


They quack, squawk and wobble around ponds. Several ducks and geese known as waterfowl live at the Mallard Cove apartment complex in Greenville.

"It's a fun thing to just feed them and watch the little ones grow," Andy McRary said.

He lives at the complex and said he heard about the battered birds in the community.

"It just tore our little spirits up," McRary said.

Greenville police, Department of Natural Resources and animal control know about the abuse too. Volunteers with a wildlife rescue group said someone dumped hot oil on a goose and poisoned four ducklings with antifreeze. The ducks died and the goose had to be put down.

"Who would in their right mind want to so something like that to a goose, an animal?" McRary said.

But when animals are hurt, Angel Durham gets a call.

"We went from four pet ducks to now, any given time we could have 150 to 180 animals here," Durham said.

She runs Izzie's Pond, a nonprofit rescue group that she started while volunteering with Greenville Wildlife Rehab.

"It's more heartbreaking when it's something that's done on purpose," Durham said.

Right now she's taking care of a goose from Mallard Cove apartments. She believes the goose's broken leg happened while children were playing with it.

"So, we had to hobble its legs together because he couldn't walk," Durham said.

When the goose fully recovers, Durham will release it to a private pond where it will be wanted.

Durham said volunteers have a good working relationship with management at Mallard Cove, but she's still concerned about the other birds there.

If you would like to make a donation or help volunteers with Izzie's Pond, you can find more about the group through their Facebook page.

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