Lowcountry company provides lift service to impaired drivers

Lowcountry company gives lift to impaired drivers

Will Morrison has his own weapon in the battle against drunken driving: a 25-pound folding motorbike.

As the owner of CoPilot Designated Drivers, Morrison directs a fleet of employees who will drive an impaired person's car home for them.

"We use folding motorbikes to come to your location. They fold up, go into a seal-proof bag and go in the back of your car and then your co-pilot drives you and your car home. After the ride is completed, he takes his folding motorbike out of the car and goes back to his next ride," Morrison explains.

He says the service solves a specific issue.

"The number one reason people are drinking and driving is that they have to have their car the next morning," he says.

Preventing drinking and driving begins inside a bar or restaurant, says Joe Pasta restaurant manager Jody Wright.

"[Bartenders] have to use a lot of common sense, too," Wright says.  "You don't just sit there and continually serve someone five, six, seven, eight drinks, even if they say, 'I'm fine.  I'm great'."

Wright says her entire bartending and serving staff completed on online alcohol course titled TIPS, or Training for Intervention Procedures.  According to their website, the course "gives individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies."

"We're not afraid to say, 'I'm sorry; we can't serve you any longer'," Wright says.

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