Edisto River flooding prompts complaints on water quality

Edisto River flooding prompts complaints on water quality

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Edisto River seems to have leveled off after reaching 14.2 feet, the highest mark since 2003, but now it's not the water level that has residents concerned.

People who live along the river in Dorchester County say it's contaminants that have them worried now.

We received many complaints about water quality in the area, so we took the question to the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Jim Beasley, DHEC spokesman, said it's not uncommon for waters to mix with contaminants underground during floods. However, unless they receive a specific concern, DHEC does not sample flood waters water quality.

Beasley said if a specific concern is identified, such as an overflow from a wastewater treatment plant or a release of a chemical from a regulated facility, the department can require sampling or conduct sampling as appropriate.

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