NOAA sends live ocean floor images to SC Aquarium

Photo of the Okeanos Explorer. (Source: NOAA)
Photo of the Okeanos Explorer. (Source: NOAA)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) - Visitors to the South Carolina Aquarium got the chance recently to communicate directly with a crew using a robot to explore the ocean floor.

A crew aboard the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Okeanos Explorer research vessel is using a robot about 100 miles off the coast of Massachusetts. On Friday, the Post and Courier reported the crew sent images to the Charleston aquarium, where scientists, staff and visitors viewed them on large screens.

The Okeanos' robot is exploring the ocean floor 1,300 feet underwater. That's too deep for divers, but a robot can send images up to the crew for studying.

NOAA marine biologist Paula Keener says Friday's broadcast was the first time the Okeanos crew sent images to a public audience.

For more information on the Okeanos Explorer, and to watch the live stream, click here.

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