Funding the fight against cancer in dogs

Funding the fight against cancer in dogs

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - It's been a huge test of faith for Tiffany Peacock and her 6- year-old black lab Onyx. In April, Peacock received the devastating news that Onyx has a rare cancer.

"I noticed he had a limp and I thought he just bumped his leg on something," Peacock said.

Onyx was diagnosed with osteosarcoma or cancer of the bone and had to have one of his legs removed to alleviate the pain. For Tiffany, finding out her dog had cancer was the first blow but the second was how she would pay for his treatments.

"I was scared, I was frustrated I did not know what to do and how I would take care of it," Peacock said.

Tiffany decided to do a search online and found the Magic Bullet Fund. Magic Bullet is a national organization founded by dog owner and author Laurie Kaplan whose dog, Bullet, also had cancer.

"I wanted to help actual families who have dogs with cancer and families who could not afford the treatments," Kaplan said.

After applying for assistance and being accepted into the program, Onyx was placed on the organizations website. For 30 days sponsors, family and friends could donate and help raise funds.  

Dr. Suzie Shannon says organizations like The Magic Bullet Fund can be a huge burden lifted for her clients.

"It's expensive because the drugs and the equipment is expensive and it's a financial burden," Dr. Shannon said.

While the funds were coming in recently, Peacock was given even harder news to handle. Peacock found out her dogs cancer has spread to his lungs and Onyx will no longer receive cancer treatments.

Peacock is still thankful for the program that was willing to help out.

Since the organization started in 2005 about 255 dogs with cancer have been helped and  270,000  in treatment fees have been paid.
To find out more about The Magic Bullet fund you can go to their website at

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