DOT sets aside money for I-526 widening

DOT sets aside money for I-526 widening

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The South Carolina Department of Transportation included the widening of Interstate 56 among the top projects it wants to complete.

The state has set aside up to $1 billion in federal money for a number of road projects across the state.  Among those projects is the widening of the I-526 stretch 19 miles from Mt. Pleasant to West Ashley.

The department made no mention of extending the interstate onto Johns and James islands, a polarizing proposal which was approved by Charleston County Council last December.

That project is expected to cost about $560 million and won't be finished anytime soon. Permits likely will take years to obtain, and court challenges are expected.

The plan calls for a parkway-type road across Johns and James Island.

"It's not so much as a development driven road but it's one that lends towards more of a traffic solution road," said Charleston County Councilman Elliot Summey, "It's a compromise and in these situations, compromise is good for all. Not everyone walks away happy, not everyone walks away sad."

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