A mission of service: More than 450 teenagers repair homes in Hollywood area

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - A Hollywood man says his life has been drastically changed. Thursday, crews fixed the holes in his roof and repaired his porch. It's all thanks to a group of more than 450 teenagers.

Marvin Duffy, the homeowner said, "Before this week I had several leaks in the roof."

Teenagers with the church group, Reach Workcamps have been banging hammers and working hard all week. The group is repairing 40 homes in the Hollywood area.

"Some of the guys repaired the roof, they repaired the ceiling inside the den and they repaired the floor inside the laundry room," said Duffy.

Marvin Duffy has been living in his house for about 15 years. He just had surgery and says the help couldn't have come at a better time.

"Very grateful and very blessed because if I had to come out of pocket, I really couldn't afford it," said Duffy.

The group is adding on to work that has already been done by the Rural Mission, a local organization. Their combined goal is to build a strong foundation not only for homes, but also within the community and the campers.

Mike Jones, co-founder of Reach Workcamps said, "You're out here working hard. It's pretty hot and sweaty out here, but a lot of them have never roofed before and we try to keep that in a context of what Jesus did for us. That's why we do it."

The campers and staff have taken over Baptist Hill High School making it their home for the week.

"Because of the showers and the cafeteria and gym size, we need a facility that's a pretty good size to house us," said Jones.

Along with adult leaders, the hundreds of campers range anywhere from 7th through 12th grade. Trent Rodbell drove 10 hours from Ohio. This is his 4th summer with Reach Workcamps.

Rodbell said, "I think it's just more than just hard labor for me at least."

Rodbell says he enjoys helping others.

"It feels so rewarding to work for someone like Marvin. It feels so good just to see him happy and making his house better," said Rodbell.

The group also got a lot of community support this week. Berkeley Electric Cooperative provided dinner earlier this week for all 470 campers and staff.

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