Murder victim and suspect were friends, family members say

DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A man shot dead during and apparent argument and his accused killer knew each other well, family members said Tuesday.

Willerma Frazier Riley and her family never imagined they would be making funeral plans for her 25 year old grandson.

Terrill Riley died Saturday night.

Dorchester county deputies say Riley was gunned down during an apparent argument.

"You wonder why someone so kind, so loving and so friendly would have his life snuffed out," Frazier Riley said.

The family was shocked to learn the murder suspect was 23 year old Brian Richburg.

"Been knowing that child since probably before he came out of his mother's womb and I hurt for her as well," said the grandmother.

Investigators say it's unclear exactly what sparked the shooting outside the home on Reeves Farm Road in St. George.

Two men who were inside said they heard four gunshots.

When they came outside the men told investigators they saw Richburg standing over Riley and that Riley said quote, "I can't believe that you shot me."

Richburg then apparently put his friend in his car and told the men he was heading to the hospital.

Investigators say the suspect didn't drive to the hospital, but instead drove down I-95 into Colleton County.

They found Richburg's car near exit 62 and found Riley's body in a ditch on a nearby road."

Deputies believe after he dumped Riley's body in the ditch, Richburg went to his job at Kentucky Fried Chicken in St George. He was arrested there.

Cops say he confessed.

"I think it's just sick, it's really sick that he can be that heartless," Willerma Frazier Riley said.

She says the family will get through the loss of their loved one with help from a higher power.

"The lord is going to take care of us. he's going to mend our broken hearts and he's going to heal us."

Richburg is being held without bond at the Dorchester County Jail.

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